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About the BookAPod App

What exactly is the BookAPod App?

Our app is the gateway to your future workspace. It allows you to locate, book and access our acoustic working pods across the UK. 

How do I create a BookAPod account?

Download our app from within the App Store.  You will be required to register by adding your name, email address and phone number.  You will be required to create a password and then you are all ready to go!

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

Paying for our pods is easy. You will have the option of either Apple Pay, Google Pay or alternatively adding your bank card details after each booking. 

Will BookAPod work on my mobile device?

Our app will work on both iPhone and Android devices. For iOS you need to running at least iOS 13 and for Android running at least Android 8

Is it available in my country?

Currently, our pods are all located within the UK. We hope to expand internationally soon so watch this space? If you’ve travelled to the UK our app is available on all worldwide App and Play stores

How far in advance can I book?

Bookings can be made 2 months in advance.

I've made a booking but can't access the pod

Ensure that you have Bluetooth switched on.  In the event that you are unable to access your pod, please re-try clicking the padlock icon or unlock button.  If you are still unable to gain access, please call us asap on 03301 747888 and we will provide you with immediate access remotely and investigate the reason for this whilst you are enjoying the privacy of our pod. 

How do I cancel a booking?

Bookings can be cancelled easily via our app.  Find your booking under the scheduled field.  At the bottom left-hand side of the page, you will find an option to cancel your booking.  Select this option and it will ask you to confirm if you wish to cancel your booking.  If you cancel prior to within 24 hours of your scheduled booking a full refund will be issued.

I need more time in the pod

As long as the pod is not booked immediately after your original time slot has expired you will have the opportunity to extend your booking for either 1 or 2 hours.  You will then be required to make the payment for this additional time period.  This can all be done within your active session within the app. 

About Our Pods

How do I unlock a pod?

Under your bookings, select your active session.  Within this screen, you will have the option to ‘Access Your Pod’.  This will provide you with a screen that has a large picture of a padlock within a green circle.  You can either tap this circle or select the ‘unlock button’.

It will then show as ‘connecting to pod’.  This should then provide you with a screen showing your door is now unlocked and you have 10 seconds to open the door.  In the event that it does not connect please press the unlock button again and it will reconnect and allow you entry.  In the event that you do not open the door within 10 seconds, this is not a problem. 

Simply press the unlock key and you will be given the opportunity to repeat this process. 

How much does BookAPod cost?

£5.99 – Off peak hours: 6am-8pm Saturdays and Sundays.  

& Weekdays 6am-8am and 6pm-8pm.  

£9.99 – Peak hours 9am-5pm Monday to Friday

Can I charge my devices inside the pod?

Each pod has a QI Wireless Charger (5W), UK power sockets, dual USB (5V) outlets and a HDMI input*

*Only on the Connect 4

How many people can fit inside?

Our Connect 4 is intended to sit 1-4 people comfortably.

Connect Sit is intended to sit 1 person comfortably.

Connect 2 is intended to sit 1-2 people comfortably.

How do I exit the pod?

Simply use the handle and you will be able to exit.  There is no need to use the app in order to exit. 

How hygienic is the pod?

We pride ourselves on our cleanliness and antibacterial process.  Our UVC lights provide a 3 fold usage of surface disinfection, air-cleaning and illumination which boast a rate of up to 99%, with no excess radiation, no ozone produced and no residual chemicals.  In addition, every pod is cleaned by a member of the staff within the location. 

How do I use the presentation screen?

Within our Connect 4 pods, you will have access to a presentation screen. You will need your own HDMI cable in order to access this facility. Within the desk area of our pod, there is an HDMI input cable. Via your laptop and the use of your HDMI cable, you will then be able to connect and use this facility.

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